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A podcast about life as a rock star

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About WTK: Encore

We're going backstage to reveal what the life of a rock star is really like. Join platinum-selling rock band, We The Kings, as they give fans an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at their lives at home and on the road.

#13 - Long Nights and Early Flights! Open icon

On the Season 1 finale of WTK: Encore, Danny recaps the last couple of crazy weeks, from him becoming a father, to the Hurricane Irma madness, to their recent show at Auburn University! These guys are non-stop! Be sure to check out the We The Kings Self Titled Nostalgia album and don't forget to subscribe to WTK: Encore on your favorite podcast app!

(Update) - Hurricane Irma & New Music Open icon

Sorry gang! With Hurricane Irma bearing down on Florida, we don’t have a show for you this week. We're busy planning and prepping to keep our families safe. We do have a couple announcements including some new music from We The Kings. Thank you so much for listening and stay tuned for the next episode of WTK: Encore!

#12 - Past, Present, & Future of the Kings Open icon

On this episode, Travis and Danny talk about the past, present, and future of We The Kings. We learn that running a "5K" should simply be referred to as "running". Also, we hear their hilarious stories about the recent eclipse, and how they matched up to the rest of the set list at the Billboard music festival. You'll definitely want to hear this!! 

#11 - Baby Mamas (with Jenny & Valentina)

Open icon

The baby mamas are here! On this episode, Jenny and Valentina join us and things get… interesting. Everyone discusses the excitement of guessing the baby’s gender and the “old wives tales” of how to predict it. Plus, who the heck is Mika Snow? Also, be sure to check out the We the Kings song “Stay Young” featuring Kinsley!!

#10 - Rock Dads Part 2 (with special guest Kellin Quinn!!)

Open icon

On this episode, Danny and Travis are joined by special guest Kellin Quinn from Sleeping with Sirens!! Kellin's daughter, Copeland, sings us one of her original songs and the guys give dad advice! You won't want to miss this! Also, be sure to send us your toughest We The Kings questions, so we can answer them on the next episode!

#9 - Rock Dads (+ bonus acoustic “Ally”)

Open icon

On this episode, it’s Danny and Travis as “Rock Dads: Dads Who Rock!” They’re performing “Special Tactical Breathing for Hip Hop” (more like grunting really fast). Also, they’re pregnant? Stick around for an awesome, behind-the-scenes story and acoustic performance of We The Kings’ new single, “Ally.” It’s amazing. Enjoy!


Open icon

On this episode, Hunter is STILL on vacation. Travis gives summer advice about avoiding “Hell’s Itch”. We try and figure out a seriously difficult riddle and break down the hilarious tour pranks we pulled on each other over the years. This is going to be a good one.

#7 - Sir, please use this number for real emergencies

Open icon

On this episode, we’re losing just about everything. Travis somehow managed to lose his car in L.A. We have another hilarious round of “Would You Rather?” And we talk about how we can’t get out of “tour” mode! Also...SkyMall? This is going to be fun..

#6 - Everyone Has a Nickname

Open icon

We’re back and we’re talking about everything from the state of the music industry to the future of We The Kings. Everyone shares their favorite nicknames and we dive deep into the intricacies of coaching a little league team. All that and more! Sponsor: Be sure pick up a f’real® milkshake, smoothie, or frappé near you! Go to www.freal.com to learn more.

#5 - San Francisco Got Me Twice

Open icon

We’re going back to school! Or at least we’re recording in a college hallway. This episode we talk about preparing for a concert, that one time in San Francisco, the best part about podcasting, our favorite mascot matchups, and why Danny loses everything. We also dive deep into the great saga of the blue hoodie! Sponsor: Be sure pick up a f’real® milkshake, smoothie, or frappé near you! Go to www.freal.com to learn more.

#4 - We Did It Boys, We All Got Wives (sorry, Danny)

Open icon

We talk about the secret reason we started a band, what we’d do without music, and what we do when the tour ends. Plus, a Spanish lesson and lots of superlatives! Worst speller? Loudest on the bus? Best handwriting? Be sure to enter the f’real® Shake It In Paradise with We The Kings sweepstakes at www.shakeitsweeps.com. No purchase necessary, see official rules for details. Try f’real® products at Speedway!

#3 - We’re Watching YOU

Open icon

We’re talking people watching from the bus, our favorite tv show, new additions to the WTK family, and what we’re getting for our 10 year anniversary. All that, plus fan questions and a brand new “Would You Rather?”

#2 - Would you rather...?

Open icon

The whole gang's here! In this episode, Travis makes a very difficult decision and we announce something tropical. We also talk gambling in Reno, flying tour buses, moldy avocados, and which movie princess we would be.

#1 - Welcome to the Show

Open icon

In the very first episode of "WTK: Encore", we become podcast superstars! We talk about our 10 year anniversary tour, grandpa hands, deadly scorpions, and that one time in Tokyo. We're also answering your awesome questions. All this and more from the back of the We The Kings tour bus.

WTK: Encore Trailer

Open icon

We're making an announcement! We The Kings is teaming up with Uncover Studios for the upcoming release of "WTK: Encore", a podcast about life as a rock star. Join us for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at our lives at home and on the road. The first episode drops in the coming weeks, so be sure to subscribe. --- Credits: Dave Keine (Executive Producer), Caroline Valentino (Executive Producer), Adam Raymonda (Producer/Music), Heather Kugel (Production Assistance).